Persian rose tea


1 cup black tea
¼ a cup dried rose petals
2 tsp green cardamom seeds


To dry your own rose petals at home, all you need are freshly picked rose petals, washed and then carefully dried of all remaining water. Place the petals in a thin layer in a warm and dry place away from the sun and let them dry for about a week. After that, collect the petals in a jar and your rose petal tea is ready for use.
Mix all the ingredients mentioned above and store them in a jar. Cardamom seeds are best used as whole pods crushed or chopped into small pieces. If you don’t have those, powdered cardamom will do just fine. Use one teaspoon of the prepared mixture per cup. Pour the boiling water over the herbal tea, let it steep for about 5 minutes and serve in cups with milk or honey.

Rose Petal Salad with Rucola, Mint and  Celery

Rose Petal Salad with Rucola, Mint and Celery

Take rucola, mint, celery, rose petals and wash and rinse them well.

Lamsragoût with  apricots

Lamsragoût with apricots

Mix the meat with the mixture of flour, salt and paprika.

Rose water

Rose water

The best rose water is the one that has been distilled, but this is not an easy thing to do by yourself.

Jordi Rose Dessert

Jordi Rose Dessert

Remove petals from the roses, and wash them with cold water. Strain the petals, and then dry with a paper towel.

Moroccan carrot soup

Moroccan carrot soup

Heat olive oil in a high pan and cook onion, garlic, ginger and red chilli pepper gently.