Summer rose drink

Drinks (Drink 2 liters)

1 l tonic
1 l spring water light sparkling
1 lime
some rose syrup or rose water
rose petals of 1 or 2 roses



Mix the tonic and the spring water in a large can. Add to taste some rose syrup or rose water. Cut the lime into small wedges and put them in the can. And finally sprinkle some rose petals on top.


Rose Petal Preserve

Rose Petal Preserve

Preserving whole fruit or large pieces of fruit by cooking them with sugar syrup is a part of traditional cuisine in the Balkans.

Rose flavoured  sugar

Rose flavoured sugar

Here is another quick and easy recipe. Rose sugar is ideal as sweetener for teas or cakes, since it will give your beverages and sweets a nice rose flavour.

Moroccan carrot soup

Moroccan carrot soup

Heat olive oil in a high pan and cook onion, garlic, ginger and red chilli pepper gently.

Redfish with harissa and rose petals à la Ottolenghi

Redfish with harissa and rose petals à la Ottolenghi

Powder the fish fillets with flour. Heat oil in a frying pan and cook the fillets for 2 minutes on each side.

Meatballs with  rose petals

Meatballs with rose petals

Mix the beef and minced lamb with eggs, garlic, onion and finely chopped ginger.